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A.P. Confirms Its Commitment to Post-9/11 Zeitgeist

From the A.P. this morning:

Ex - Justice Sidesteps Phone Data Questions
Published: May 12, 2006
Filed at 1:05 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor declined to step into the uproar over secret collection of Americans' phone records, saying a close look at the facts by courts could determine whether the government acted properly.

I can't decide if the writer (or editor, if that who is determined how that first paragraph ought to go) is an idiot, or if things are just too far gone for people to notice or care.

She didn't "sidestep" anything; she went to the heart of the issue: she can't comment one way or the other on the behavior of the Executive branch without "a close look at the facts by courts", which look the Bush Administration doesn't want the courts to get.

How does her view become "sidestepping"? How come her view isn't better described as "a call to submit the question to the courts"?

I guess the idea is that in lieu of the courts actually having a crack at questions raised by the Bush Administration's behavior, patriotic Americans get to pipe up. Who needs the courts when you can pipe up?

Bush has told us how much he likes it when people pipe up. After all, it's so much easier to ignore them than it is the courts.


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