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Fairy Princesses Enlisted in War on Terror

Washington insiders are buzzing about another pending appointment in the ongoing White House shake-up. The move is reportedly the brain-child of newly installed White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton and is designed to revive President Bush's sagging poll numbers and provide much needed help to the President's fellow Republicans in the upcoming mid-term elections.

According to sources, sometime in July the President will appoint the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, noted mouth-breathers, to the post of Shobijin, the two tiny fairy princesses responsible for summoning Mothra.

The appointment is expected to deflect pressure on the administration to replace Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and to bolster public support for the war in Iraq, the miraculous appearance of a giant benevolent moth that can shoot particle beam weapons out of its butt being just about the only thing that could save the Bush Administration's ass over there.

Democratic strategists were stunned when told by reporters about the rumored shake-up.

"These people should be hospitalized," one observed, speaking anonymously for fear of being "hospitalized" himself.

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Hear Mothra's Song (via)

Hear our call for you to save us
over time, over sea
like a wave you come
our guardian angel
Mothra oh Mothra
the people have forgotten kindness
their spirits fall to ruin
we shall pray for the people as we sing
this song of love


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Thanks for passing this on. It's such a load off my mind to know that this is being taken care of, finally. I feel so much safer.

the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara

I like the construction "Jenna and NotJenna". I was going to attribute it to s.z. over at World O'Crap, but I couldn't recall whether she invented it or merely perfected it.

Beautiful! This is a perfect motif for the Bush administration's misadventures in Mesopotamia. What's more absurd and silly than classic Japanese monster movies?

In other news: Rove to summon Rodan for Sunni Triangle overflight.

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