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Plague of the Holy Wusses

The other day I was listening to NPR's "Talk of the Nation" and the topic was the response of various religions to the recent tsunami. There were a number of callers who explained with great cosmic patience -- for the benefit of all us theological retards -- that we really should just try to do better in God's eyes so He wouldn't need to do these things to us. Or, that we shouldn't get too upset because, after all, this is all part of God's Plan. And, you know, other advisories that pretty much amounted to Cosmic Surrender.

Today I'm listening to "Science Friday" and the topic is the proposed creation of a sort of Planetary Defense Agency that would be devoted to furthering the search for "planet killer" asteroids or comets, and to figuring out what we could do to "kill" these planet killers before they have a chance to kill us. So a guy calls in and says it's absurd to get all upset about this sort of thing because it is all in the hands of the Creator.

These sorts of people have always been around but lately they are really getting ubiquitous. You can pretty much bet the rent that at least one of them is going to call in every time you listen to one of these shows. One time I actually heard one caller say -- in a discussion on the death penalty -- that we shouldn't worry too much about executing innocent people because God will know (once the state-murdered man is in heaven) that the poor sap didn't  actually commit the crime.

I've had it. I'm sick of listening to these pathetic surrender-monkeys calling in with this crap. What happened to the can-do American? We used to be a nation of dreamers and doers. Me dear gray-haired Ma used to say "The Lord helps thems that help themselves". I burn for the hosts on these call-in shows to tell these professional rain clouds to go shove it up their Stockholm Syndrome afflicted asses.

Christ Almighty, these people can just bite my Let's-Get-It-Done overpumped frankfurter. I mean, seriously. Go to hell, you holy wusses, where your whimpering surrender is welcome and your contempt for the spirit of man is the stinking sulfuric coin of the realm.


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Well, Amen to that! :-)

Aché also.

I don't think much of the "God moves in mysterious ways" crowd, but I must say I like them better than the "God is punishing us for having so many gays and fornicators" crowd.

Nobody seems to be in the "sometimes bad things just happen. It's how we behave when they do that shows us who we are" camp. Here's the tent!

The one I actually hadn't heard before was the argument in favor of the death penalty. Boy that has broad applicability. Why have jury trials? God will know you didn't commit the crime. In fact, why have laws against murder? God will know whether you were a good person, so if you get murdered, so what?

What an idiot.

I want to ask one simple question in connection to TALK OF THE NATION that why does God want us to suffer? Why would he plan tsunami to kill more than two lac people for no reason?

Well, I don't know what TALK OF THE NATION's answer is, but my answer is that there is no god and that these things are a "simple" matter of geology, oceanography, physics, and populations.

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