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If Ever They Should Disappear Me

Okay, so the other day Electrolite was kind enough to link to my post on the GannonGuckert matter. I note from the logs today that the CIA visited my GannonGuckert post from Patrick's referring page:

Click for larger image of definitive proof of domestic
spying by the CIA through the use of "web" "browsers".

I conclude from this that Patrick the Perp and Yours Truly are not long for the overt world. Either that, or the CIA has taken a sudden interest in GannonGuckert for reasons I cannot hope to know.

Okay, so, if I'm a goner, I'd just like it noted that at my funeral I want somebody to sing that one where the words go "Did I ever tell you you're my hero?" That song really gets me.


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I would rather sing The Bee Gees "Stayin Alive"
at yer funeral- just to piss them off.It's the perfect funeral song , and you like irony right? It's a win/win situation.

I'd be honored. I don't know what to say, really. Except, you know, Disco r00lz.

Or somebody at the CIA is a voting citizen and cares... (This is my personal take.)

That'd be great, wouldn't it? I suspect it's more likely somebody on a coffee-break having a few laughs at the expense of the White House.

Still, I've written elsewhere in celebration of the hidden heroes in the CIA and other places who actually do care about the crap this White House dumps on us. Whoever it is out there who keeps blabbing to Seymour Hersh, keep it up!

hey Mike,

you get one hit from the cia and this upsets you? Please. When I started my blog in 2003 I once had a 28 minute visit from th state dept, wherein the visitor looked at 6 or 7 pages at around 2am their time in DC. I periodically get visits from the ARPAnet(And I'd thought it didn't exist anymore.)

Anyway, so what? the CIA has hundreds of employees, right? The chances that any given visit is anything more than a lower level clerical or administrative employee surfing the web at her desk instead of shredding documents or whatever they're supposed to be doing is pretty slim, I'd think. I think you should be more concerned that the CIA is still using MS IE 6. Maybe Porter Goss fired everyone using Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape 7x.

You weren't followed here, right? From now on, anybody who visits my site has to change cabs at least three times.

And, frankly, I was surprised to discover they weren't still on Windows for Workgroups.

The Netscape 4 one is probably me...

I wouldn't worry about it too much. We once had neighbors who told the FBI we were weird but nothing seemed to come of it.

On the other hand, perhaps Patrick might wonder why the CIA is using his blog as a jumping off site...


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