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The Beginnings of a Democratic Think Tank

Here, I think, Hunter of DailyKos comes up with a long-term plan that might serve as the basis for a whole new range of Democratic political strategies.

Sheesh. To be blunt, this is what really bothers me about the Democratic leadership in the last few elections. We couldn't win against a set of people who spend half their time frantically shooing imaginary pixies away from their faces? Hell, Dean should just go up to them and say something like "Timmy from my fourth grade class told me that if you lick a unicorn, you can see through time." By the time they're done churning through all possible meanings of that phrase, we should be able to take ten Senate seats, twenty House seats, and their entire collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

I think that's brilliant. Seriously. I long, from time to time, for this sort of thing from our leaders on the left. We take ourselves so seriously sometimes that we forget we are dealing with a bunch of clowns. Dangerous, maniacal, insane clowns, yes, but clowns nevertheless. It's one thing to mock them in blogs. It's quite another to completely paralyze them with Royal MindFucks in the real world.

You go, Hunter.


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