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We Will Live In Infamy

Years from now, our American descendents will look back on us -- our America in the year 2005 -- and think of us the way we now think of the Pinochets of this world. Don't believe me? Then read this: "Outsourcing Torture: The secret history of America’s 'extraordinary rendition' program.", an article by Jane Mayer just up at the New Yorker site.

And I will tell you this right now. John C. Yoo will be remembered as our equivalent to the Dean of the School of the Americas.

Think the right guy got elected? Bush, I mean? Well, I hope you are happy because you've determined how our page in history will be written:

Yoo also argued that the Constitution granted the President plenary powers to override the U.N. Convention Against Torture when he is acting in the nation’s defense—a position that has drawn dissent from many scholars. As Yoo saw it, Congress doesn’t have the power to “tie the President’s hands in regard to torture as an interrogation technique.” He continued, “It’s the core of the Commander-in-Chief function. They can’t prevent the President from ordering torture.” If the President were to abuse his powers as Commander-in-Chief, Yoo said, the constitutional remedy was impeachment. He went on to suggest that President Bush’s victory in the 2004 election, along with the relatively mild challenge to Gonzales mounted by the Democrats in Congress, was “proof that the debate is over.” He said, “The issue is dying out. The public has had its referendum.”

Yoo might be an evil son-of-a-bitch but in this instance he's right. The public has had its referendum, and we will be long remembered for it.

But even if you don't care about any of that, you ought to read all of the article anyway and here's why: the Bush Administration is outsourcing torture and if you think that's a good idea, if you think that's going to help them protect us here in the Homeland, you are out of your mind. Read the article to find out why. But be warned: It's pretty lengthy. You might have to pay attention for a longer while than you are used to.

Update: See Radio Headz Up.


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