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End Nigh

One of my favorite sites, Cryptome, has links to reports of a mysterious sonic/seismic event that  took place in Florida in the last day or so.

At 7:41 pm EST, my 3-year old son and I were sitting on the couch when our sliding glass doors started to rattle. 10 seconds later the floor started vibrating, enough to send my son into a panic and inquire what was happening. Having been in earthquakes before, I assumed that's what it was. The entire event lasted about 30 seconds, and was felt in several surrounding counties. A sonic boom, no matter what creates it, is never more than a few seconds. I do not recall hearing the classic "thud" that accompanies the subsonic vibration, but I may have missed it...but the vibration lasted a good 25-30 seconds, and was severe enough to register on local seismic monitoring stations. You can varify [sic] the event at earthquake.usgs.gov.

Seeing as how the Air Force alerted the FAA with an explanation, you can probably deduce that this was some sort of military test and the F-18 sonic boom was the cover story. The event was reported in at least 8 surrounding counties, which is an area of a few hundred miles. Sonic booms are never heard or felt over an area that large, even when the space shuttle returns from orbit. Whatever it was, the military isn't giving us the full story, and as usual, the media is doing very little to find out what the real facts are. The Air Force spokesman was quoted as saying the jets would be departing either today or Sunday for the return trip, indicating we may have another "sonic boom".

I love this stuff. Reading around this item, I discover there are such things as "skyquakes". The Signs of the Times page wonders if...

...there are effects on our reality from other densities. These bleed throughs may become a more common occurrence, and perhaps explains other phenomena such as UFO sightings which have also been seen during blackouts. There may or may not be a causal relationship between UFO's and blackouts, instead they just may be visible due to the bleed through. The Signs Team thinks it is important to remember that we live in a complex, dynamic universe and should not count on a magic answer that wraps everything in a neat package.

Boy, that's for sure. You want to avoid yer neat packages.

Well, anyway, I'm reminded of the first time I heard of  the Shadow People.

I wish all of these sorts of things were true. I wish they really existed. It would explain a lot, like how come the tiny screws in my eyeglasses sometimes disappear, and why the soles of my shoes always wear out in the same pattern, and why the worst part of a thunderstorm always comes right when I'm leaving work.

I can't stand it anymore. I'm going to go read my history book. At least it can tell me why all that other kind of shit happens.


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