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Wolfy at the World Bank

Back when I was coming up, people who were competent were, generally, supposed to get rewarded and people who were incompetent were, generally, supposed to pay some sort of price for being fools. Setting aside the question of whether invading Iraq was a good idea, I think it's generally agreed that the post-invasion planning was a disaster. That was Wolfy sitting there in front of the Senate panel telling us that these troop estimates by the Generals from the Pentagon, in the hundreds of thousands, were grotesquely high. That was Wolfy sitting there under-guessing by one-third the number of Americans killed in Iraq. The man is an idiot, and his reward is to be nominated to head the World Bank.

I don't understand any of this anymore. Why do these idiots get rewarded for their idiocy? This is like living in a cartoon, only in this cartoon it isn't the laws of physics that are constantly violated, it's our expectations for grown up behavior. What are we to rely on anymore? Or is that the point? Here I am wondering whether the sun will rise in the East tomorrow, so I guess that takes care of me.


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