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Final Saturday Morning Spring Vigil (0521)

NYC, 108°, May 21, 2005, 6:45 a.m.

Because the trees have leafed-out as much as they are going to, this marks the end of my Spring vigil. I spoke with my neighbors and, sadly, they are not going to have time to do much deck gardening this year. If the situation changes and their deck becomes their usual knock-out floral bonanza, I'll post an update.

Therefore, herewith, the official end of my 2005 Spring vigil:


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Well, I'll miss them. A suggestion?-- Make a page calling all the pictures in a line, winter to spring, so you can page down and really see how things changed.

Well, you can sort of get that effect if you click on the "2005 Spring Vigil" link at the foot of each entry. Start at the bottom of that page and scroll up.

I thought about doing the whole year, to get that changing of the seasons effect. The problem is there isn't going to be much change in that particular scene over the summer, I don't think. Unless, like I say, the neighbors get busy. But I'll keep an eye on it. If there are noticeable changes, I'll record it. In any case, I was definitely thinking of picking it up again in the fall and taking it into winter.

So, I probably will end up with a "4 seasons" category showing the whole year, but may not take a pic every week except when things are really changing. Who knows, next Saturday I may see some huge change somewhere in that scene? If so, it gets a pic.

I went back a looked through the previous Spring Vigil posts (but not before I thought, "Holy shit! It was 108 degrees in NYC today?!?" [I live in Michigan nowadays.]) It took me a while to realize that the shed in the picture is sitting on a roof. Fascinating.

I thought, "Holy shit! It was 108 degrees in NYC today?!?"

Yeah, Xopher thought that same thing at first. Or, wait. I think he thought I was suffering from a fever of 108. Which, we decided, pretty much meant I was posting from The Other Side.

Ain't you hicks never heered of a kumpus 'afore??!! Ptui!

(Hmm... I guess I could have made it clearer I was noting the direction I was facing...)

I neglected to mention that I actually immediately went to cnn.com looking for news of this remarkable meteorological anomaly. When I didn't see anything there, I went to weather.com and started looking for NYC info before I realized that I was missing something. Like common sense.

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