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Warning To Those Who Might Want To "Big Link" Me

I got metafiltered today for the first time, and I see the same reaction my writing always gets, always has gotten, and probably always will get. Some people really like what I write, and some people really hate it. I've no idea what the proportion is, but those who hate me are generally more vociferous so it always seems like there are more of them. I'm sure there are those who I put to sleep, as well. But I generally don't hear about it from them unless their noses on their keyboards accidentally send me an email or something.

I'm really glad amberglow meta'd me. I really appreciate it. And I really appreciate the yeoman's job he's doing of defending the piece over there. He obviously gets it. I was going to send him an email thanking him, but if there's a way to email him through the Metafilter site without being a member, I can't see it. Anyway, hope you see this amberglow: Thanks.

So, anyway, I just wanted to warn anybody who might be thinking of "Big Linking" me... posting a link to me on one of these mega sites... You should expect a strong reaction. Fine by me if it's fine by you. I kind of write what a want, it being my blog and all, and people can respond however they wish. I just want potential linkers to be prepared, is all. Oh, and I don't defend my stuff on other people's blogs. That's rude, I think. If people want to bitch me out, they should come over here and I'll discuss it with them all they want.


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hiya hon! : >

thanks..i daily kos'd you too...see the comments in the canary post.

hope your bandwidth is ok.

a new fan,

oh, and ignore jonmc--he's negative about everything. : >

Well, jonmc at least made me read through it again. And decide he's wrong. Which means I probably could have saved myself the trouble of reading through it again since I probably would have decided that anyway. :)

: >

most people liked it at MeFi, i thought...it generated a good discussion on the whole.

I thought it was a good discussion too. Generally. I was just taken aback, is all, and so maybe a little bit spooked. All of a sudden I'm getting like 30 times my usual number of hits. It just ... I'm just taken aback, is all.

well, welcome to the bigtime!

(you can send me a check drawn on one of those foreign banks!) ; >

I actually was going to transfer some funds to you, but I lost the piece of paper with the 20-digit Panamanian account number on it. I think it started with a '3', though...

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