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A Secret!

The Boston Globe says:

Three days before CIA agent Valerie Plame was identified by syndicated columnist Robert Novak, Rove told Time that the wife of former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV -- Plame -- worked for the CIA, according to internal magazine communications that have been provided to a federal prosecutor.

Rove's lawyer acknowledged Sunday that his client was a confidential source for Time's Matthew Cooper, but maintains that Rove did not know Plame's name and was not involved in leaking it to Novak or any other journalists.

Say, I've got an idea. Let's impeach the president without actually using his name. If we don't use his name, nobody'll even know who we impeached! It'll be just our little secret!

Then we could all go to the beach.


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Ha! The indictments don't have to use names, either.

And the jury can sentence Rove as "that slimey git that works for the President."

Perhaps the above should read.

"that slimey git that works the president."

Oh yes! That's much better, thank you!

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