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Pony Up For Plattsburgh

All of you who pledged -- anti-Fred-Phelps-ishly -- to Plattsburgh for Peace, don't forget to pony up! If you signed up with PFP after my earlier post, you probably got an email recently from them, part of which went something like this:

Your check or money order can be made out to [whichever group you pledged to support] and mailed to Plattsburgh for Peace, PO Box 278, Morrisonville, NY, 12962.  PFP will be dispersing the donations to the charities all at once, after the contribution collection period has ended and PFP financial activities have ceased.  Please note that the deadline for receiving these donations is August 1, 2005, after which date PFP will be officially disbanding...so don't wait!

Send your check NOW or you risk becoming just one more poopy-headed, well-intentioned, but ineffectual lefty.

Sorry to harsh your mellow and everything, but come across already. Otherwise I shall have to dispatch Timmy the Bruised Inner Child and task him with adjusting your gams misfortunately.


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