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That's Some Thanksgiving, All Right

We've had an unexpected death in the immediate family so I'll probably not be posting again until sometime after the first week in December. Thank you for your kind thoughts.


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Have just been there and done that so you'll be in my thoughts. Good luck.


Oh damn. Same as Mary Kay said. Let me know if you need anything, even five minutes on a telephone.


God damn.

My sympathies. I had one like that last year, along with several extended family members (bad shit tends to cluster/clump it seems).

All best to you and your family in a trying time.


AH! Just when you were already doing a death anniversary. "Sorry to hear this" doesn't do enough to convey my appreciation of how much going through this (even when death comes as a release) stinks, but it's what the language has. I hope things get back to a more even keel soon.

I'm so very sorry to hear this.


I'm sorry to hear about your loss. My best wishes go out to you and your family.

I'm sorry about your loss and wish you lot of strength in this sad circumstance.

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