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Year Two, Corpuscular Era

Yes, I've changed the look of the place. I've done it partly because today is this blog's one year anniversary. One year ago today, I posted my first entry.

I will spare you ruminations on the past year. Likewise, I will forgo any discussion of what I might be thinking of doing in the future. If my intentions amount to something (beyond a new paint job), you will see the changes for yourselves. If they don't... Well then, we will all be spared the embarrassment.

So. All that remains now is for me to say "thanks" to all who continue to visit this place. I truly appreciate your ongoing interest and comments.


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Hey! Congratulations with your first blogthday! I truly appreciate your style. 100000000 of these days! :-)

Thanks. A hundred million one-year anniversaries? Hey, I could get behind that. See if you can arrange that for me, 'k? :)

Mmh... Being a disbeliever, i doubt the allmighty might listen to me, but i will light up a candel, in case that helps :-)

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