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Banter Smackdown

This past weekend, on "Book TV", I watched a panel discussion moderated by Francis Fukuyama with Bernard-Henri Levy and William Kristol. Levy was, as always, wonderfully fun to watch. No matter what you think of his views on America (or anything else, for that matter) you have to like the joy he takes in conversation.

So this morning on the "Rachel Maddow Show", Rachel had Levy on and she asked him about the pan Garrison Keillor wrote of . He said, basically, that of course if he writes a book on America, Americans have every right to reply to it. He then said he would be delighted to meet Mr. Keillor to have their discussion face-to-face, presumably regarding the book, but maybe (I hope) about all sorts of stuff.

I'd pay a great deal more than a nickel to see/hear that. It's a match-up made in Talk Heaven. This could be the birth of the Worldwide Conversational Wrestling Network.

I'm going over to Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion" site right now and suggest that he have Levy on his show. Just the two of them on stage for a longish, banterish segment. And then maybe afterward, Levy could make a special guest appearance as "The Frenchman" in an episode of Guy Noir, or maybe we could catch a glimpse of the visit Levy made to Lake Woebegone, the basis of the famous "Missing Chapter" the publisher insisted Levy drop from his final draft.


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