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Eluding the Googleater

It's probably a measure of how resoundingly insignificant this blog is in the great sweep of history, but I am proud to announce that I have managed to elude the scissorhands of the thuggish Chinese Googleater.

According to my logs from a few days ago, somebody stumbled across an old entry of mine, either liked or hated it, not sure which, but in any case emailed the URL to a number of friends or associates who thereupon visited the entry themselves.

About the same time, I was listening to a report on Google in China.

So, inasmuch as the aforementioned entry, The Young Person's Guide to Democracy, seemed the sort of thing the Googleater would fervently disapprove of, I went to www.google.cn, put the title of the piece in, and then punched the button. Just out of curiosity.

And, of course, there it was in all its glory. In fact, my entire dubiously praiseworthy set of leftish / libertarianish entries appears to be findable there.

As I say, it probably just means I am a bug pre-squished under their jack-booted heels, which is to say they couldn't care less what I have to say about anything. Still. It's nice to know the automatic filters aren't all that automatic.

Or, it could simply be that www.google.cn detects that I am googling from the USA rather than mainland China and so lets things through it wouldn't otherwise let through.

It will be fun to see if this entry results in the Googleater eventually swallowing up "The Young Person's Guide... ". Almost as fun as imagining young Chinese democrats reading the Guide and following, or at least musing about following its advice (since actually following it could cause real problems for them, I suppose).


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