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First Annual Fucked Up Turkish Roommates Film Festival

I went to Hollywood Video and rented two Turkish movies. I don't know why. I just felt like it, I guess.

Okay, to be perfectly accurate one of the movies is Turkish and the other is German, I think, but the characters are all Turkish.

The first one I watched was about a professional photographer in Istanbul who is somewhat... "Distant". A cold fish, really. Some guy from the village the photographer originally came from comes to stay with him to look for a job.

As roommates, things go poorly between them.

The second one I watched was about a Turkish guy in Hamburg, wrecked on drugs and alcohol, who tries to kill himself by crashing his car... "Head-On"... into the side of the building, and who then meets a Turkish woman in the clinic they are both in. I guess it's a clinic for people who tried to kill themselves because she's there for trying to do herself in as well. She wants him to marry her so she can get away from the abusive men in her family. She wants to LIVE, you see, which turns out to mean drinking, doing drugs, and fucking anything with two legs except her fake husband. Well, he has two legs, but she doesn't want to fuck him. Is what I mean. For some reason I didn't quite grasp at the time, he agrees to marry her. So she moves in with him.

As roommates, things go poorly between them.

Okay, as you can probably tell, I didn't care for these movies all that much. They weren't bad, but they weren't particularly compelling either. However, I did want to say this: Istanbul is a cool looking city. That one mosque on the hill with the four minarets (featured in both films) is truly a science-fictiony looking thing and I liked looking at it very much.

Maybe I get along better with buildings than I do with people. Sounds about right. I get along with buildings better than the guy in "Head-On" does, that's for sure.

But since this is a film festival I guess I should probably announce an award. Hmm. I, the Jury, give the "Golden Whose Turn Is It To Do The Dishes Award" to "Head-On" because the leading man and woman are very hot-looking, and some of the music is pretty good.

"Distant": [Netflix, B & N, ]
"Head-On": [Netflix, B & N, ]


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