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Killing Buffoons, Redux

So Moussaoui says he and shoe-bomber Richard Reid (arrested in December of 2001) were to fly a plane into the White House on September 11, 2001.

The sad part is, people are going to believe him. The verdict is going to come back "Death" and the sentence could well be carried out before people actually take a moment to notice how laughable his claim is.

Well, clearly the man wants to go out in a blaze of self-aggrandizing, delusional glory and people are going to be eager to oblige him -- the final coming together, the perfect storm of systemic incompetence and the culture's magical thinking.

It's really going to be something to behold.


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It's sad, really sad.

And what's sad too is that my nice lefty newspaper here in Holland opened with the news of Moussaoui's 'confession' this morning, apparently believing what he says. People! Wake up.

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