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St. Sylvester, The Fabulous Cat

So, once again the Ancient Order of Hibernians will not allow gay Irish groups to march under their own banners in New York City's St. Patrick's Day parade. As City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn is of course welcome to march, out-of-the-closet lesbian though she may be. She won't march, though, in protest of the crabby Hibernians.

It's a free country. Never mind that the gay citizens of this city contribute part of their taxes to the city's support of the parade. Still, let them have their stinkin' parade.

We've got St. Sylvester.

So it turns out I am a conservative. I long for a return to the days of disco. I have never hated disco. I have always loved the joy of it. And now we have a new book out in tribute to St. Sylvester.

In these times of trumped up wars, frowning mullahs, pinch-faced priests and uptight Church Ladies, prowling NSA operatives, prying G-men, terrorist bombs, planes flying into buildings, ports wide open, sky-rocketing deficits and FCC fines for suggestions of sex... it's time for a return to the traditional values of... disco!

Irish Doggerel:

The great Gaels of Ireland
are the men that God made mad.
For all their wars are merry,
and all their songs are sad.

Gay Doggerel:

when we're out there dancin'
on the floor, darlin'
and I feel like I
need some more
and I feel your body
close to mine
and I know my love it's
about that time
you make me feel...
mighty real
You make me feel...
mighty real
Yoooooou make me feel...
miiiiiiiiiighty real...
Yoooooou make me feel...
miiiiiiiiiighty real...
when we get home, darlin'
and it's nice and dark
and the music's in me
and I'm still real hot
and you kiss me there
and it feels real good
and I know you love me
like you shooooooooooouuuuuld
Yoooooou make me feel...
miiiiiiiiiighty real...

Push back the chairs and sample it here. You know you want to...


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