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If Regular People Wielded Undue Influence.

  • Our children would receive thick envelopes when collecting for paper routes.
  • Books from the library would be no-interest loans that never have to be returned.
  • Elevators would wait for us.
  • Senators would take our calls after we had them over to watch T.V.
  • Off-the-shelf accounting software would launder tips.
  • Packs of cigarettes would give us money.
  • Automatic doors at the grocery would greet us with respect.
  • Income tax returns would have a line for deductions we just made up.
  • We would give asthma to coal-fired power plants.
  • Our incompetence would always be rewarded.

Whew. These are hard to think up. You are welcome to try some yourself. I think the trick is to look for something you do or experience everyday, and then imagine what it would be like if you and everyone else like you were Big Shots with inherent undue influence, suitable for wielding as you see fit.


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Designers would dress me for court in gifted suits, and send me a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes every week as a bribe to get me to wear their outfits.

I would be a member of the federal judiciary.

They'd make a reality tv show in which people would compete to be my life assistant.

Fresh flowers would arrive at my office every Monday morning.

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