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Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Sing along!
(.wav file)

Sheet music of national anthem of Canada


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Three cheers for the Canadians, who can see that fair is, well, fair. Perhaps some were also seeing what my mother's other argument in favor of gay marriage, adoption, etc. is: "I'm in favor of anything that makes people feel like they have a commitment to support a stable society with a future, rather than turning their backs on it because it has nothing to offer them."

I'm so fangirl over Canada. I'm going to start writing Canada/Denmark slash.

Is it Denmark or is it Belgium? You could always just stick with all the little Dutch boys. Oh, well, who cares? They probably all speak French anyway. Not like the Canucks!

And, fidelio, I think your mother has got it, basically. I don't think Americans care all that much about what's fair. I think they vote in their self-interests, which is fine... it's just a matter of showing Americans how it is in their self-interest to support equality. It's a tough argument to make, but it can be made. I'm workin' on it...

Ooooh. Montreal/Amsterdam slash?

Seriously, though, as a native Detroiter, I'm almost Canadian. I got drunk for the first time in a bar in Canada. Hockey was invented by Canadians. Storybook Gardens is in Canada. And now this. I'm so proud!!!!!

Yeah, I'm prackly a Canuck myself. Grew up in Seattle, went to school in Bellingham, first bar in Vancouver. In a parking garage near Gas Town, that was the first time a guy ever offered me $50 (Canadian) to let him... wait, what was I saying?

They have the hottest National Anthem. I always start too high, though. Start low, start low, start low...

Canada/Spain slashy goodness.

Yeah, I was looking around for the Spanish National Anthem this a.m., but can so far only find one rinky little .midi file which sounds like a comb-and-waxed-paper mash up. Maybe later.

If rockgod can find it and listen to it later, he can play it and then make it a .midi file and email it to you (hence the "god" part of the name).

Did you know that Governor Jen of the Psuedo-liberals is Canadian? She must have lost all of her good Canadian vibes from being here for so long.


I was sort of looking for a nice orchestral version, kind of like the Canadian one. I should be able to find one when I get some time to look for it. Maybe I will start a little Category... add Holland & Belgium... flags & anthems, maybe, just a little shrine page to countries that get it.

I'm afraid I know less about Governor Jen than I should. I will read up on her later today, if I can.

You don't need to read about her. She's like Chris Todd Whitman, but a democrat! Except Chris might be a bit more liberal.

Jen is generally better than a Republican governor and certainly better than the previous bloated tic of a Republican governor (John Engler). We all supported her when she was running. Her speech at the Dem. Nat'l Convention was a nightmare of mixed metaphor and lately she's been one of those, I think, who want to "remake" the image of the Democratic platform to "appeal" to red-staters--she's always been sketchy on choice, for example, and now she wants to erect a giant ten commandments sculpture at the capitol.

And happy Canada Day to you too! (A bit early, I know...)

Happy Canada Day to everybody! Even us Yanks!

(It's tomorrow, July 1, in case anybody's wondering.)

Maybe I can find some way to go to Canada tomorrow!!!!!

PS, Mike, we really have to get together during the month or so I'm in NYC!!!!!!!!! We'll celebrate Canada Day!!!!!!!

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