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Groans of Hilarity

Okay, we watched the DVD of Team America: World Police tonight, including the unexpurgated sex scene.

Groans of hilarity.

Suffice it to say that if you ever want to discover the difference between puppets and live actors, you should watch this "sex scene". Were the actors human, you would find the scene unbearable to watch. As they are puppets, it is very funny. Gross, but funny. As a rank on Hollywood Intimate Love Scenes, it is perfection.

Right. "South Park Conservatives", indeed. Don't make me laugh. These South Park guys are brutal. Brutality to pretension is the scope of their politics. Somehow it seems forgotten that in the midst of all the business about the Film Actors Guild and all the rest of it, the film at its core is about the pretensions of a neo-con culture too stupid to understand why people can't appreciate having their homes blown up and their loved ones killed so that they can be saved from Swarthy Terrorists and (my favorite character) Kim Jong Il.


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