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For over thirty years now, graduates of the American Academy of Professional Fluffers (AAOPF!) have been attending to the needs of male thespians in the adult film industry.

"Got wood? Keep it with an American Academy Fluffer! We've been keeping them on the edge for over three decades!"

Stop by and have a look at our new associate degree program in Criminal Political Science (AA in Mug Shot Fluffing). Indicted politicians needing to manufacture grins will be a booming industry over the next few years. Go down on the ground floor!


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Coming soon to our online store:

Custom fitted kneepads emblazoned with the Seal of the United States Congress! Great for those high-profile jobs where maintaining a professional appearance is important! One size fits all!

You write much better ad-copy than I do, Bob. You must either know a lot about marketing, or you're versed in kneepads. (I don't need to know which.)

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