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Ritter and Hersh

If you are able to pull in the American cable channel  C-SPAN2 (otherwise known as "Book-TV") and you can manage to get to it  at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time tonight (Sunday, October 23), there will be a repeat broadcast of a discussion with Scott Ritter and Seymour Hersh. I caught most of it this afternoon. It started out as "a show on in the background", then it became "interesting", and then it became "gripping" -- in the manner these things do as you realize you are listening to people who know and care about their topic. You should watch this, or tape it, or Tivo it for later viewing, or something. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be any online file available for viewing.

*Sigh*... it's at times like this that I wish I'd cultivated a wider readership for this blog. This is an important broadcast, in my view. I hope a great many others get to see it.


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If I can stay up (right now, not a given), I will definitely tune in. Maybe I'll tape it. I want a TiVo for Christmas!!!

It was on last night so don't stay up for it tonight. Get your rest.

Well, how much of a dope am I? It's either the dope or the normal scatterbrainedness (I don't even think that works as a word!).

Um, so maybe you should blog about it in bloggy detailed goodness, and then it will be almost like I watched it?

I certainly wouldn't have made it last night. I barely made it through Puppy trying to read Good Omens to me before bed. Eleven year olds, I've found, love to read about an eleven year old antichrist who is basically a good kid and yet still brings about an almost-apocalypse. He felt empowered. But I was out by 10:15.

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